Satellite internet for oil and gas industry.


Rig crews live and work in some of the most demanding, harshest, and unique conditions on earth.

Drilling rigs, oil dereks, refineries are located in locations not often traveled. Our company specializes in everything concerning the satellite industry and especially in providing VSAT services in no telecommunications regions. Our job is to make Internet and phone communication in these remote locations as simple as possible in order for you to be able to concentrate on your own work.

We provide several type of broadband satellite services using both fixed and mobile (3 axis-motorization) solutions.

The mobile equipment we provide and operate are “one-button push” easy to operate and they require no user training, certification or telecommunications related knowledge.

Just by pressing a button, with our mobile satellite internet systems, you will be online 3 minutes later your mobile office will benefit from both phone access as well as internet at incredible speeds. The satellite internet services can be provided anywhere, even in disaster areas. If you have clear view towards  the sky, you can connect for high-speed Internet and phone.

Our key elements are:

  • Global solution, we provide services all around the world
  • Dedicated and shared services that fit any budget
  • 24/7 phone and support
  • System Network Management 
  • Simple and Fast Service activation
  • Video Conferencing Services and Voice Over IP

Depending on your company’s requirements we provide both shared and dedicated satellite internet services of oil & gas drilling for both terrestrial and off-shore operations.